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Selection of latest peer-review papers:

  • Haus-Reve, S., & Asheim Bjørn, (2023) The role of clusters in addressing societal challenges in European regions, European Planning Studies, forthcomming
  • Haus-Reve, S., Fitjar R., D., & Rodriguez-Pose, A. (2023)  DUI: Do it Yourself: Innovation and activities to promote learning by doing, using, and interacting within the firm
  • Grillitsch, M., Sotarauta, M., Asheim, B., Fitjar, R. D., Haus-Reve, S., Kolehmainen, J.,  & Stihl, L. (2022). Agency and economic change in regions: identifying routes to new path development using qualitative comparative analysis. Regional Studies, 1-16. Read more here.
  • Broekel, T., Fitjar, R. D., & Haus-Reve, S. (2021). The Roles of Diversity, Complexity, and Relatedness in Regional Development: What Does the Occupational Perspective Add?. Utrecht University, Human Geography and Planning. Read more here. Microsoft Word – peeg2135 (
  • Grillitsch, M., Martynovich, M., Fitjar, R. D., & Haus-Reve, S. (2021). The black box of regional growth. Journal of Geographical Systems, 23(3), 425-464. Read  more here. The black box of regional growth | SpringerLink
  • Haus-Reve, S., Cooke, A., Fitjar, R. D., & Kemeny, T. (2021). Does Assimilation Shape the Economic Value of Immigrant Diversity? Economic Geography 97(2), 117-139. Read  more here.
  • Haus-Reve, S., Fitjar, R. D., & Rodríguez-Pose, A. (2019). Does combining different types of collaboration always benefit firms? Collaboration, complementarity and product innovation in Norway. Research Policy, 48(6), 1476-1486. Read more here.
  • Gjelsvik, M., & Haus-Reve, S. (2016). Innovation in a globalising world: within or beyond local clusters?. International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development15(2-3), 101-126.
  • Ose, S, Haus-Reve, S, Mandal, R and Pettersen, I., (2011) «Sykefravær i kommunale tjenester» 2011 Søkelys på arbeidslivet, nr. 4, 2011, årgang 28, 335-35. Les mer her.

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