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Silje Haus Reve

Associate Professor & Head of Department of Innovation, Management and Marketing, UiS Business School





 I am an Associate Professor of Innovation and Regional Studies (tenured) at the UiS Business School at the University of Stavanger. I am affiliated to the Stavanger Centre for Innovation Research and at NORCE,My research deals different aspects of innovation and regional development.  I’m particular interested in what is shaping the firms’ innovation performance and regional transistions processes. 


I trained as a social economist at NTNU in Trondheim and gained my PhD in Social Science from the University of Stavanger in 2019. My thesis looks at exposure to diverse knowledge as a driver of innovation and productivity.  Since 2010, I have worked as a researcher at SINTEF and then at the International Research Institute of Stavanger (now Norce). During my PhD, I was a visiting scholar at the State University of New York, University of Buffalo


  Over the years I have contributed to a wide range of external funded project, such as RegReSir,  Kapasitetsløft Bioøkonomi, “Regional Growth Against All Odds – ReGrow”  among others. I serve as the CEO in DiveOPP AS a university spin-off company that has specialised in developing tools and solutions that offer research-based assessments of regional transition processes. I’m part of the editorial board of Kåkå|nomics, the leading Nordic meeting place where researchers and policymakers meet a broad audience to explain how they see the world develop (Read more here). I’m also boadmember of the UiS Business School faculty board and Stiftelsen for Høyere Økonomisk/Administrativ Utdanning og Forskning i Rogaland.


 I teach MSB335 The Policy Perspective at the Master Profile MSB: Business Development and Innovation (in Norwegian: Næringsutvikling og innovasjon). I have also been involved in teaching sone of the mandatory courses in the Bachelor’s profile in Business and Administrationquantitative methods courses in different forms over the years.
A collection of my work


Kapsitetsløft - BIOSIRKEL 

RegReSir - Regional Resilience and Sustainable Industrial Restructuring

ReGrow - Regional Growth against all odds